Complete HR

To ensure HR leaders are able to create a balance between the strategic and operational aspect of the HR organization, It is essential that we right kind of processess and systems are put in place. And We are here to help you. This application combines many human resorces functionalities that benefits administration, payroll, recruiting, training, performance analysis and HR analysis etc.. of an organization in to a single package.

A cloud based tool to manage payroll and easy to generate all records and returns for various Govt. departments of India (Labour, ESI, PF etc.. ).By using Quasi HRM, the most daunting takes of keeping compliance with various statutory applications are simplified.Not only legal complaints and payroll processing but also Quasi HRM handles numerous takes to make the completeHR Solution for Indian Organizations.

Our Company

Aesten Technologies opened for business in 2017, providing information technology services to companies. Aesten Technologies providees software products, IT services and business process. The products and services include managed IT services, application software development and maintenance and HR consulting. The company also sells services such as business inteligence & analytics services.

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